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Healthcare Forms Management Software

Ease the Pain of Paper in Healthcare.

Major advancements have been made in modern medicine, so why are we still using a stack of papers and a clipboard to capture patient information? The truth is that paperwork is a pain point for patients and physicians alike. On the patient side, completing a medical form upon arrival can seem inconvenient and redundant. On the administrative side, checking patient information and entering it into a database can tie up staff and lead to costly data-entry errors.

By centralizing your forms online, connecting them with your other important business systems and making them accessible to your staff and patients, Forms InMotion expedites patient onboarding and reduces data-entry errors, helping you provide high-quality care in the most efficient way possible. With Forms InMotion, you can:

Expedite new patient onboarding
Automate patient information and medical record updates
Eliminate data-entry errors when updating information
Make annotations and notes on the fly
Minimize paperwork for patients
Maximize your staff resources

Imagine if your patients submitted their information through online forms prior to their arrival at your office. Or imagine if you had a tablet waiting for them when they arrived, where the data they entered went directly into your patient management system. With Forms InMotion, it’s possible. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

Multiple Form Input
A Nice Touch to Patient Care.

With Forms InMotion, you’re free to focus on what matters most: your patients. The unique annotations feature allows you to take notes securely and then push the data to your LOB system, all without involving paper and without interrupting the conversation.

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