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Government Forms Management Software

Help Constituents Anywhere, Anytime.

Perhaps no other industry is more dependent on paper-based processes than government. Whether you work for a federal, state or local government agency, there’s a good chance that you’re not moving forms through your agency as quick as you’d like. There’s also a good chance that, if you’re noticing inefficiencies on the administrative side, your constituents are noticing them as well.

Forms InMotion makes it easy for everyone by centralizing all of your forms in a single place and making them accessible to your constituents anytime, anywhere. The benefits of leveraging an enterprise form management tool are clear:

Reduce redundancy and data entry errors
Collect electronic signatures easily and quickly
Make your forms more accessible to constituents
Integrate your forms into existing data systems
Share information across departments and avoid silos
Make the most of staff by automating processes
Realize cost savings by spending less on paper each year
Enhance relationships with constituents and partners

Stop tying up your team to process forms and start leveraging a form tool that actually makes your government agency run like a well-oiled machine. Because you can use Forms InMotion with your existing PDFs and HTML forms, there’s no need to wait to go paperless.

Government Applications


  • Financial Statements
  • Reporting
  • Expense Reporting and Authorization
  • Direct Deposit Enrollment
  • Wellness Reimbursement
  • Purchase Request
  • Check Request

Building Codes

  • Permit Applications
  • Inspection Request

Emergency Services / 911

  • FOIA Request

Environmental Enforcement

  • Litter Violation Report
  • Animal Control Violation Report
  • Roadside Litter Pickup Request
  • Roadkill Report

Fleet Services

  • Equipment Request
  • Expense Report
  • Report an Issue
  • Inspection Request
  • Inspection Report
  • Work Order


  • Notary Public Application
  • Grant Application
  • Board/Committee Application

Public Records

  • FOIA Request


  • Bid Submission
  • Vendor Registration
  • Bid Protest

Register of Deeds

  • Certified Copy Request


  • Tax Payments
  • Tax Sale Forms
  • Commercial Tax
  • Business Personal Property Return

Assessor’s Office

  • Assessment Appeal
  • Change of Address
  • Mobile Homes
  • Residential Status
  • Agricultural Status
  • Builder’s Forms
  • Property Tax Exemption
  • Commercial Properties
  • Property Records Request

Civil/Family Court

  • Common Court Forms
  • Name Change Application
  • Status Report
  • Family Division
  • Civil Division
  • Foreclosure
  • FOIA Request
  • Marriage License

Human Resources

  • Job application
  • Hiring/Onboarding
  • Benefits Election
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Termination
  • Performance Review
  • Training Request

Parks & Recreation

  • Facility Reservation
  • Program Application
  • Special Event Request

Public Works

  • Permit Application
  • Maintenance Request


  • Contribution Election Form
  • Application for Retirement
  • Beneficiary Form
  • Survivorship Form
  • Change of Address
  • Direct Deposit
  • Benefit Cancellation Form

Voter Registration and Elections

  • Voter Registration
  • Change of Address
  • Absentee Ballot
  • Candidate Registration
  • Poll Worker Registration


  • Motor Vehicle Registration
  • Property Appraisal
  • Vehicle High Mileage Appeal
  • Motor Vehicle Disposition

Community Programs

  • Grant Application
  • Event Sponsorship Application


  • Prisoner Intake
  • Prisoner Transfer
  • Information Request

Economic Development

  • Loan/Grant Application


  • Facility Reservation
  • Report an Issue
  • Inspection Request
  • Inspection Report
  • Work Order

Health and Human Services

  • Patient Registration
  • Vaccination Request
  • Vaccination Record Request
  • Subsidized Housing Request
  • Utility Reimbursement Request
  • Nutrition Assistance Request
  • Mental Health Assistance Request
  • Adult Care Request

Internal Audit

  • Fraud Report

Property Maintenance

  • Report an Issue
  • Inspection Request
  • Inspection Report
  • Work Order

Real Estate

  • Real Estate Data Order
  • GIS Map Data Request

Roads and Bridges

  • Report an Issue
  • Inspection Request
  • Inspection Report
  • Work Order

Government Form Template Previews

Multiple Form Input
Keep the Line Moving With a Kiosk.

Now more than ever, your constituents expect prompt service and careful attention-to-detail. They want to interact with your government agency the same way they interact with their favorite companies and brands – in a way that places them, the customer, first.

The Forms InMotion kiosk puts the power where it belongs – squarely in the hands of your constituents – by giving them the ability to complete forms, print, scan and upload documents, and receive a receipt of the entire transaction – all without enduring long wait times and without tying up your most precious assets: your people.

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